Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Best

Ah, another obligatory list. Sundays are good for listing things.

Sunday's Mix:

"Boston", Augustana, (All The Stars And Boulevards)

"Mouthwash", Kate Nash, (Made Of Bricks)

"Lazy Sunday", The Lonely Island, (Incredibad)

"Don't Let Me Fall", Lenka, (Lenka)

"Baby I'm a Fool", Melody Gardot, (My One and Only Thrill)

"A Beautiful Mess", Jason Mraz, (We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.)

"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing", Jack Johnson, (In Between Dreams)

"Just a Ride", Jem, (Finally Woken)

"Extraordinary Machine", Fiona Apple, (Extraordinary Machine)

"Sympathique", Pink Martini, (Sympathique)

"Shine", Anna Nalick, (Shine-EP)

"Hello/Goodbye", Erin McCarley, (Love, Save The Empty)

"Stop This Train", John Mayer, (Continuum)

"Creep", Radiohead, (Pablo Honey)

"Everybody's Changing", Keane, (Hopes and Fears)

"Comfort Eagle", CAKE, (Comfort Eagle)

"She's Got a Way", Billy Joel, (Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)

"Under Control", Parachute, (Losing Sleep)

Enjoy your Sunday, and maybe give some of these artists a quick listen! XO


  1. I <3 lists! Most of these songs are new to me. Thanks for the introductions :)

  2. Hearing/Seeing the words "A beautiful mess" always reminds me of my room. LOL

  3. Being mixed really IS good! :D And it must be so awesome to have those nationalities in you! I've always been jealous of people with a lot of different things... it's like they reflect the world and its many cultures, so cool!

    I really really enjoyed your comment, we the mixed people need to stick together :)

    by the by, I read that you liked "Make her say" by Kid Cudi on your blog, and bought it on itunes afterwords... A+ choice!


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