Saturday, February 27, 2010

It Snowed

I am going to call today "The Trapped in a Snow Globe Chronicles, Part Three". All it has done for the past three days is



I am, in all honesty, snowed out. Winter, I quit. You totally win. Now slink away back to the Arctic and don't return until next December.

I am ready for green grass, daffodils, birds, and sunshine. Bring on the skirts and the flip-flops. I am ready to wear bright colors and hang up my puffy down-filled coat for the next ten months. I am ready for the smell of sunscreen and my clogged up nose from the inevitable Springtime pollen (well....I can live without that aspect of Spring). I want to see butterflies and tulips and lilacs, go to Cedar Point and ride rollercoasters and eat chili cheese fries. I want to go to the beach and admire our dirty lake.

I will, however, miss the way the snow lays on top of tree branches and makes everything look so pretty and sparkling. I will miss how quiet the world seems when you are the only one out in the morning and there's clean, virtually untouched snow all around you and big, fluffy flakes are floating down from the sky. I will miss the way the cold air burns my lungs after I go for a run.

Bring on the Springtime shenanigans. Come on, March. I'm pulling for you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


"In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?"
--Rainer Maria Rilke

That says it all.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Comfort Eagle

Today was a good day. I slept in, stayed in my pajamas until 2:40, and had the house to myself until my dad got home from work. You can't really beat that on a good day off.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I gave up procrasinating for Lent. It's kind of hard. I am a natural born procrastinator--putting stuff off isn't just something I do, it's a way of life. I'm attempting to read some stuff for school in a bit, which is a small step, like wading into the shallow end of the pool when you don't know how to swim (which I don't, coincidentally). The hardest part is trying to not think about procrastinating. I think about it constantly. Like, I'll be sitting here at the computer all like "I am going to read chapter 6 in American Government and then study." My brain busts in with a "FAAAAACEBOOOOOK!!!!" And I give in and cook some pie in Cafe World.

Well, no more. I am taking a stand. No longer will my brain call all the shots. Nay. Well...actually my brain has to call all the shots, but you know what I mean. I am silencing the slacker frat boy part of my brain, the part that yells out stuff like "CHEEEESEBURRRRGER" when I'm on a diet or "WIKIPEDIAAAAA" when I should really be doing something more constructive.

Viva la revolution.

Wish me luck. Forty days is a long time.

Do I

I came.

I sang.

I rocked the mic, made the karaoke stage my bitch.

That is all for tonight. It's 1:30 am and I promise to write more tomorrow when I don't have to keep chasing Nicky back into bed. XO, my darlings.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey, Soul Sister

Hey my lovelies! Yesterday (Tuesday--yes, I know it's after 1 am, but in my bubble of Lashawn it is still technically Wednesday until I fall asleep and wake up at a later unspecified point in the morning. It's not Thursday in my mind.) was Nicky's birthday! He had a great time and is enjoying his presents--unbelievably, the rocketship never came up. He was more interested in his Thomas the Tank Engine trains. We watched his Max and Ruby DVDs, and I was informed by Encyclopedia Nick that Max and Ruby's parents were eaten by a dragon. My son is hilarious.

I should be writing my rough draft for my Honors English class on visual rhetoric, but I'm stuck, and one can only rant so much about Sarah Palin until the words mean nothing. It's due tomorrow night, and I have one long paragraph. I can work on it in the morning. Procrastination is a seductive wench, it really is. I gave up procrasinating for Lent, wish me luck.

In other news, I am singing at the "Solon Idol" in some little bar/club thing called the Blue Fig, in Solon, which is some itty bitty city out in the boondocks. I know of Solon only because you had to cut through there to get to Geauga Lake (an amusement park), which was in Aurora. I'm a big city girl--I mix up everything that isn't in Cleveland or immediately outside of it. I haven't sang on a stage in six years, and I get stage fright. I'm an awesome singer, but I'm nervous. Wish me luck!

Here is my Wednesday Late Night Playlist. Enjoy!

"I Still Ain't Over You", Augustana, (Can't Love, Can't Hurt)

"Sleep", Azure Ray, (Azure Ray)

"Taylor", Jack Johnson, (On & On)

"Speechless", Lady Gaga, (The Fame Monster)

"Uprising", Muse, (The Resistance)

"More Than This", Missy Higgins, (Steer & More-EP)

"Dying Day", Brandi Carlile, (Give Up the Ghost)

"I'm On Fire", John Mayer, (Battle Studies)

"Lifeboats", Snow Patrol, (A Hundred Million Suns)

"Know Your Onion!", The Shins, (Oh, Inverted World)

"Human of the Year", Regina Spektor, (Far)

"Gravity Rides Everything", Lenka, (Gravity Rides Everything-Single)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Meet Me Halfway

I am sitting at my new laptop, eating shortbread cookies and Nutella. Yum.

It's been a while, hasn't it? I have been busy with school and work and Nicky, and I have neglected my wonderful blog. Bad Lashawn. has snowed quite a lot in the past week, not as much as further South, but enough to make me want to shake my fist at the sky and curse the fools who don't shovel their walkways. Especially businesses on main streets. That boggles my mind.

Nicky is tickled about all the snow. There is something about snow that turns children into crack addled monkeys. He gets all excited and can't stay out of the stuff. It's cute, but it gets old fast when you start losing feeling in your fingertips. I guess that's the price of being a mom.

Nicky's birthday is Tuesday. He'll be five, which excites him simply because five is "a whole hand". My boy is becoming a man...or so he thinks. He roughed me up a bit today, then looks me in the face and deadpans, "You're still young, my love." Good. Because I was worried that I was aging at an alarming rate. Thank you for clearing that one up. He also wants a real rocketship, which leads me to think that he will be plenty disappointed when he unwraps his gifts and sees the new Max and Ruby DVDs and not the Endeavor docked in our backyard. I doubt NASA would be too keen on lending me a space shuttle for a few hours.

I am doing fabulous in school. I have high Bs in all my classes, something which will improve when I stop procrastinating and read the stuff earlier in the week instead of the night before my tests. I am a natural born procrastinator. It's a talent. Speaking of school, Kindergarten registrations are February 22nd. I have to sign Nicky up--I'm enrolling him at my old grade school, St. Ignatius. Have to keep the legend alive.