Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hang On Little Tomato


It's cloudy outside, which means rain. Blahhhh. It's muggy and sticky and my hair is threatening anarchy...I had to wrangle it up into a ponytail. You gotta show your hair who's boss or else they'll run all over you.

I'm bored. I should be working but I'm bored...there's a rogue fly in my office again, just flying around and being gross. I freaking hate flies. They make me sick (figuratively, not literally), with all their landing on poop and then my food. Yuck.

What to write about today???? Hmmm...

I could write about my son, since I've barely talked about him...Nicky (Nicholas Christopher) is four years old and probably my bestest friend in the entire world. I had him when I was 19, and we're super close, since his idiot dad ran off when I was 20 and Nicky was 10 months old.

We are more like friends right now, rather than just simply mommy and son. We like to watch movies and read books (his favorite book right now is Green Eggs and Ham), and he's as funny as I am, which is always awesome. How horrible would it be to have a serious child? It'd be terrible!

It's becoming ominously dark outside...If it storms, the dealership's going to get struck by lightning. It happens every time there's a bad storm--the power goes out for like thirty seconds and then the emergency generator kicks in.

I'm hungry! I have some peanut butter and crackers but I really want a cheeseburger or some fried ravioli. Stupid diet...I worked out yesterday and am achy today, but in that good kind of achy where you like feeling the pain--maybe I'm just a Sadist. I'm trying to lose like ten pounds and get down to 126, but I love chocolate milkshakes and cake just a little too also doesn't help that Baskin Robbins is next door to the dealership. I need stronger willpower. I need that guy (Dr. Bob?) who helps Oprah get her diet on. I need Dr. Phil. I need that mean chick from The Biggest Loser (Jillian Richards).

Exciting foodie news: I'm going to Melt, which is this panultimate mecca of grilled cheese sandwiches, on Friday. I heard the sandwiches are huge, but I love grilled cheese, so...I'll keep you all posted. Should be yummy and all around delish.

Thanks again for all the feedback! I'd love to hear what topics you all think I should write about (my favorite thing to do is rant about some inane topic), and how I can improve this little slice of heaven I've got here. I'm thinking about ranting about leg warmers and bees tomorrow, but we'll see what direction my mind wanders into tomorrow...XO!

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