Thursday, July 23, 2009

Force of Nature (Me in a Nutshell of Sorts)

So...I have a tiny confession to make. I'm terrified that my entries are not up to par lately...I actually had a dream that someone left a comment saying my blog has sucked lately! I have a fear of failure, so I'm going to try to liven things up today.

Firstly, it rained again today, for most of the day.

And secondly, I'm suffering from a bit of writer's block and I think I'll do a little "About Me" today, just to make myself a little more "real", if you get what I mean. More personal, I guess.

Me, In 9 Paragraphs Or Less:

I was born one month late, on December 17, 1985 (making me 23)--I'm always late for everything and I think it all began there--in Cleveland, Ohio. I am the oldest in my immediate family (I have a younger brother who is 17), but I have an older half-brother on my dad's side who is 37. He's married and has a 2 year old daughter--he is the assistant men's coach at the University of Washington. Yayyy!

My favorite food is macaroni and cheese, followed by tacos, nachos, and chocolate cake. I think I'm a bit boring because my favorite drink is whole milk. My favorite alcoholic beverage is a margarita, followed by a good 'Tini of some sort. Chocolate is my weakness, my Kryptonite. Double Stuf Oreos also fall into that category.

I was a Catholic schoolgirl all the way from St. Ignatius of Antioch Elementary to St. Joseph Academy, the latter being an all-girls college prep high school. I actually loved school, and was a good student (random fact about me: I learned to read when I was 3 and a half. I was told that I leaned over my dad's shoulder and read the headline of the newspaper. I then proceeded to tell him, in depth, about the article.), but I enjoyed having fun a bit more than academics. I could have gone to Columbia University, but I goofed off my senior year.

My favorite colors are hot pink, blue, red, and black. I love glitzy, glamorous things, but I rarely have the chance to wear anything like that. I love writing, and singing, and I once won 4th place in a writing competition in 8th grade. I hate musicals, but I adore comedies. I looove to laugh, and I try to find the humor in everything. I'm an incurable optimist, and I always believe that no matter how bad things are, there's always someone who is doing worse than you.

(My older brother Raphael, my sister-in-law Charlene, and my niece Zaya)

My favorite movie of all time is Aladdin, which is kind of funny if you think about it, but I just love that movie! I love all the Disney classics. I also love The Departed, Dodgeball, Wall-E, and Anchorman. Morgan Freeman is my favorite actor, and I don't really have a favorite actress, but I really like Anne Hathaway.

I always use the Oxford comma, and it bothers me when people don't use the correct punctuation when they write--I also get irritated by misspelled words and incorrect grammar (English was my best subject). I'm short, the shortest one in my family, coming up to a meager 5'1"--my brothers range from 6'0" to 6'3", while my dad is 6'4" and my mom is 5'3". There's just something not fair about that...Nicky is 3'5", so he's on his way to being taller than me too.

(My little brother CJ and me)

I'm unbelievably clumsy...I'll trip over nothing when I walk, and I'm insanely unathletic. I like to exercise, though, and I love Pilates, lifting weights, and running. I have a tendency to get a little lazy, and I'm not a regular runner, but I can run a mile in 11 minutes, which I like to pretend is impressive. I will treat myself with a high-calorie treat because 1.)I believe I shouldn't have to give up the things I love just to look good, and 2.)I bust my ass working out, thus deserving a treat.

I'm loud, I love to speak my mind and will stick up staunchly for my beliefs...I also love to be random and say the craziest shit. I also swear like a sailor, though I try (unsuccessfully) to watch what I say. I can't live without my iPod (hot pink) or my son. I'm half Cherokee-American (my dad is almost 100%), which makes me wonder why I never tan--although the rest of me is Irish, German, and Italian, which might explain why not.

(Nicky and me)
If I could sing a duet with anyone, it'd be John Mayer, Usher, or Mariah Carey. If I could be any actress, I'd be Megan Fox. If I could live anywhere, I'd move to Manhattan in a heartbeat, though the Cape Cod area is a close second. I can't imagine living anywhere without a lake or ocean or a river. I have to be near water!

My favorite sport is basketball, and my favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. I love roller coasters, and I have ridden 16 of the 18 coasters at Cedar Point. I'm afraid of heights and squirrels freak me out a bit...I want to go to Sydney, Australia and see a freaking kangaroo.


  1. I'm loud, I love to speak my mind and will stick up staunchly for my beliefs...I also love to be random and say the craziest shit. I also swear like a sailor, though I try (unsuccessfully) to watch what I say.

    When I read that I thought you were writing about me! Thanks for the nice introduction. Since I'm new to your blog it was an easy way to learn some things about you.

  2. wow that was fun to get to learn more about you!

  3. I LOVE YOU!!!
    Your blog is the f'n shit and so are you!!

  4. i'm with youu.. i love aladdin to and princess jasmine is one of my favorite disnet princess.

  5. Hey! Glad to know you better. :)

  6. What a great time to follow to get to know a fellow Blogger! And thanks for the nice comment it brightened up my day >=]
    And hahah I see that we are very alike in various ways- but I however am not fond of Disney movies.
    I know- I'm sorry but I had enough as a child :l

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one around who gets a lil uptight about proper grammar and stuff! And since I'm from Singapore, I can't really imagine living in a place without a beach. Whoot.


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