Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Live Your Life

In my ripe old age of 23 and a half, I have learned some very important life lessons. I will share a few with you, in hopes that you too will reach self-enlightenment.

Lashawn's Life Lessons:

*Wearing white pants is usually a love/hate situation. I have found that while I love white pants and how cool and summery they look, they are well, duh, white, and entail practicing a great deal of caution when one is wearing them. I usually just drink water all day and eat after I change out of them.

*When a guy in a minivan honks at you, don't take it as a compliment. Odds are that while he is a father, he probably has a plurality of children. Don't go there. One is okay, two is a maybe, but more than that...he needs a nanny, not a booty call.

*When you get into a "friends with benefits" kind of situation, one of you is not going to want to remain "just friends". Trust me. Sex has a tendency to blur the lines between love and friends. It usually ends badly.

*Eating that extra french fry is worth it. You can worry about the fat on your hips later (and I've learned that curves are a lot sexier than being able to see your hip bones).

*Be aware that when you wear a push-up bra and a low-necked top that when guys are talking to you or looking at you, they are not talking to/looking at your face. Unless you are flat-chested or they are gay.

*Although you may think that history is cool and you're undoubtably excited about going to Colonial Williamsburg, please note that most people are not going to know what you're talking about, nor will they think it is cool and exciting.

*Chocolate may not mend a broken heart, but it can soothe it a bit. And chocolate tastes good.

*Children are good at making you feel better, even if they don't know what's wrong. A hug from Nicky can fix anything.

*Even if you don't know what you're doing, being confident makes all the difference. Self-assurance is a powerful thing.

*Whoever invented lip gloss is a freaking genius.


  1. chocolate is very good!! {I have a makeup giveaway if you want to enter} :)

  2. True! True! and True to everything..... but i gotta ask. How'd you learn the 'history' lesson. Do you really find it cool?

  3. Lip gloss = YES PLEASE!
    Btw, I need a push-up bra. Ahem.

  4. they are not talking to/looking at your face
    Can't help it. It's natural instinct lol.

  5. White pants are awesome but they are so dangerous!

  6. I feel the same way about white pants!!! i guess they make a good diet, huh? : P

  7. "he needs a nanny, not a booty call." << HAHAHA!!!!!!
    "please note that most people are not going to know what you're talking about, nor will they think it is cool and exciting" << We found that out yesterday when u were telling me about it!

    Lip Gloss is a gift from the big guy!!!
    Anything shiny and fruity that isn't a gay wrestler has to be on my lips!! lol.. I prob didn't need to go there. Oh here is another life lesson, if you fall down u should laugh bc if u pretend u didn't just fall down in hopes you won't look stupid.... you will infact just make yourself look stupid.

    Dude I basically just blogged all over you (and it's only our first date!!!) SKANK!!! LMAO!!!


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