Friday, July 17, 2009

Crack The Shutters

It's raining. Again. (Sarcastic yaaaayyyy.)

It's very freaking early, and as you all know, I loathe early mornings. Detest them. I was sooo tempted to just roll over, pull my blanket over my head, and doze on, continuing to dream about being on a boat with T-Pain (anyone who has heard that song should be cracking up right now) and Thomas the Tank Engine (watched it right before I went to sleep with Nicky). Damn this working shit. Really.

My good pal Kenny just brought me a delicious morning treat of fresh Cini-Minis from our local BK (Burger King for those not in the know), and though I'm not hungry yet, I certainly appreciate the gesture of goodwill. I will probably eat them a bit later. Like elevenish, because if I eat this early, I'll either A.) get sick, or B.) pass out at my desk, or C.) both. I'm still somewhat in a sleep-clouded fog, and I'm hoping it's going to be a slow news day today at the Lakewood store, because I am exhausted. I sure could use a Subaru snooze today.

I'm reading the morning news, and I like this quote from President Obama: "Our kids can't all aspire to be the next LeBron or Lil Wayne. I want them aspiring to be scientists and engineers, doctors and teachers, not just ballers and rappers. I want them aspiring to be a Supreme Court justice. I want them aspiring to be president of the United States."

Indeed. I think that kids should want to grow up to be scientists, because hey, science is cool even though I still don't know how to balance formulas in Chemistry, and I once cried when I couldn't figure out the mole during a Chem test, I always liked setting stuff on fire and playing with chemicals. That is the best part of Chemistry class, hands down. I dreamed of wanting to be a singer, to be the next Mariah Carey when I was little, but I also wanted to be a ballerina (until I realized I'm clumsy and can't dance), a doctor (until I realized that I'm just not good in math or math-related sciences), a teacher (until I realized I don't exactly have patience with children outside of my own), and now I want to be a lawyer because hey, I'm pretty good at forming sound arguments (except with certain boys, and then my logic and coherency embarrassingly fly out the window) and I like the whole court scene. Personally, I believe kids deserve a chance to dream, whether it be aspiring to win a Grammy or the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hmmm...You know what's a funny word? Gubernatorial. It makes me giggle a little on the inside.

It's going to be a pretty random day. Pretty random indeed. I wouldn't have it any other way.

No sir and/or ma'am.


  1. OBAMA ROCKS!!!! Great post, I love reading!!

  2. I actually laughed....outloud when I read that word!! It is SOOO funny! Goober-natorial! :-)

  3. I think kids should be allowed to dream of being the next Lil' Wayne (whoever that is, sorry). I mean, it's not like most of them will make it. We all dream of the biggest spotlights when we're kids, and like you wrote, we transition based on what we learn about ourselves. I used to want to be President of the United States when I was a kid; then I learned about all of the crap that goes on and changed my mind. Besides, I'm camera shy.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I guess the kids have a lot to live up to in Obama's eyes. Talking about rain, it's like mid winter here, gales, sleet and more than enough rain. Last week it was scorching hot and I got tanned!

    CJ xx

  5. "I got my swimtrunks and my flippy floppies!!" *^$# trees I climb bouys!! I love that song!! My husband and I crack up when we hear it!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours and your son is so adorable!


  6. I love your rain photos. They are so moody and dramatic!


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