Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh What A Day

Things that suck:

My abdominal muscles are hurting.

I have a mild tension headache.

The day receptionist is a lazy fool.

I'm sitting across the hall from a guy I am slightly crazy about.

Said guy is an idiot.

It's hot outside.

Our air conditioner in the office isn't working, hence it is hot in here.

I'm hungry.

I'm super broke...Need a way to get some sweet moolah in my life.

I'm kind of tired.

The phones won't stop ringing.

I have two hours til I'm out of work.

I have to work ten hours tomorrow.

Things that don't suck as much:

I get out of work in two hours.

I smell really nice (Velvet Tuberose, courtesy of Bath and Body Works).

I have a great book waiting at home (Looking for Alaska, John Green--nothing beats a good reread).

I'm going out to eat after work tonight.

Nicky will be home waiting for me.

Tricia makes my day go by faster.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!! I love reading your blogs, when your famous we are going to party with Diddy!!!


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