Monday, July 20, 2009

The Mixed Tape

I decided that since music is an integral part of my life, I'd share a few of my favorite songs from my iPod with you.

The Hits:

"Lovesick Mistake", Erin McCarley (Love, Save the Empty)

"Brown Eyes", Lady Gaga (The Fame)

"Gravity", Sara Bareilles, (Little Voice)

"Folding Chair", Regina Spektor, (Far)

"The Show", Lenka, (Lenka)

"Navy Taxi", Kate Nash, (Foundations-EP)

"Slow Dancing In A Burning Room", John Mayer, (Continuum)

"Be OK", Ingrid Michaelson, (Be OK)

"That's The Way Love Goes", Janet Jackson, (Janet.)

"Upside Down", Jack Johnson, (Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George)

"Oxford Comma", Vampire Weekend, (Vampire Weekend)

"I Turn My Camera On", Spoon, (Gimme Fiction)

"Beat It", Michael Jackson, (Thriller)

"Yes Please", Muse, (Hullabaloo Soundtrack)

"I'm On A Boat", The Lonely Island, (Incredibad)

"Atlantic", Keane, (Under the Iron Sea)

"I Gotta Feeling", Black Eyed Peas, (The E.N.D.)

"Poker Face", Lady Gaga, (The Fame)

I could go on for ever, I love music that much, but I won't bore you with the full list. Feel free to share your top songs (I'm always open to one I haven't heard)!


  1. I must be getting out of touch in my OLD age. I dont recognize alot of those groups. But I do love ON A BOAT!!!

  2. The only song in your list that I've heard (and love) is "Beat It" by MJ.

    Guess our tastes in music are diverse.

    Do stop by The Village Idiot sometime.


  3. I'm glad that you like the new Black Eyed Peas song. So far, you are only the third person (counting me) that I know who likes it. Everyone else hates it :(


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