Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Know Your Onion!

So I stumbled upon a delightful new blog, thanks to my Yahoo homepage.  It's called Bent Objects, and it's the hilarious and pretty imaginative art of this photographer/artist named Terry Border.  I'll share a few of his funny photos with you guys, and you should totally check out his blog!

(Some Gentlemen Prefer Blondes...Others Prefer Cupcakes, hahaha.)

(What a Jerk!!!  He kinda looks like Justin Guarini from Season One of American Idol, hahaha!!)

(Personality and Confidence Can Only Get You So Far, haha!!!)

(Damn It, Well There Goes The Neighborhood!)


  1. those are hilarious! thanks for sharing. gave me a good little chuckle!!!

  2. It is very cute original arty stuff alrigh, I must agree!


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