Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Business Time

(Gratuitous Plug of the Month)

My wonderful best friend DeLaina has started her own craft business, Oh Crafts!  Bows & More, and you should definitely check it out if you are A.) a girl, B.) know a girl, C.) have a daughter/stepdaughter/niece/goddaughter, or D.) like wearing bows (hey, whatever makes you happy, haha).  The stuff is cute and the prices are reasonable.  D also makes stuff upon request, and she is more than willing to personalize her wares for you or any of the little girls in your life!

Here's pictures of the awesome flower bow (she calls it the "Here Comes The Sun" flower bow) she made for adults, modelled by her beautiful and fabulous sister Destinie:

She also makes adorable little bows and flowers for little ones, and she's expanding to headbands and perhaps earrings and key chains.  Stop on by her Facebook page, and if you want, Like it...And if you really like it, buy some of the awesomeness she has for sale!!!

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  1. love you! thank you thank you thank you for promoting me!


    (yes i was too lazy to sign into my google account lmao)


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