Friday, August 14, 2009

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Hmm. It's been a while, eh?

Not too much has gone down. I registered Nicky for Head Start. I fell up the stairs and bruised my leg up pretty good. I got locked in after closing at work. I bought a badass Michael Jackson tee shirt.

I've decided that I am indeed pretty awesome. I'd like to make or buy a tee shirt that reaffirms that sentiment. I have not drank soda in like three months, which is pretty damn impressive. I'd like to say that I rock.

I have a touch of writer's block, which may or may not be due to the fact that nothing funny has really happened this week. I'm going to a MMA (mixed martial arts) fight tomorrow night, which should inspire a humorous post in the upcoming days. Just think about it, okay? Angry, sweaty guys in a cage. Fighting. In a cage. There's humor written all over it.

Til then, as always...XO


  1. Mixed martial arts sounds nice! Angry, sweaty guys in a cage are really not my thing. Now if it were angry, sweaty women...

    P.S. Is it just me or does your blog have an annoying twitter pop-up?

  2. I just wanna know the rest of the locked up at work story. Tell us more please.

    Sandy, thanks for bringing up the twitter pop-up thing, i thought it was just my pc. I was like 'WTF'? I'm not even on twitter.

  3. I got the twitter thing too. Anyhoo, LaCherie, you should get a T-shirt (reasonably tight one) and have emblazoned acroos the chest "All this and brains too!" I had one like that once (mind you I was too shy to wear it out of the house LOL). Cage fighting sounds great!

  4. @Argent, Miss T, and Sandy:

    Yeah, I noticed that yesterday. I had a thing on my page that showed my Twitter updates, but the weird popup is annoying, so I'm off to remove it!

    I'm sooo glad someone else noticed it. I thought I was a bit loony, lol :)


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