Monday, August 3, 2009


Sorry, not any time to write today...I have three words for you: Cash For Clunkers.

Oh my Lord, I am so stressed out! I took in over 169 sales calls over the weekend, and it's just sooo aggravating as a whole. Hopefully once all the kinks get worked out it'll be a bit easier, but for now...I'm thinking about becoming a career alcoholic.

Til tomorrow, lots of love and XOXO.


  1. Career alcoholic, huh? Can I be your business partner?

  2. Hmmm alcoholism induced by your career or are you overdosing on your career, therefore becoming a career-aholic? LOL jk, I understand!! I hope the cash for clunkers thing gets sorted out soon... people are thinking it might not stick around

  3. Margaritas for clunkers!! Yayyy!!!

  4. I left an award for you at my blog. Be sure to stop by and pick it up!

  5. Ooooh, that cash for clunkers thing. It drove me crazy over the weekend. We were trying to buy a car (we don't qualify for cash for clunkers) and it was next to impossible to get a hold of the dealer we were working with because he was so swamped. Everyone just kept saying to us, "Sorry for the wait, it's this darn cash for clunkers thing."

    Found the link to your blog on Yankee Girl's blog and hopped over. Looking forward to reading more!


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