Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

Ah...It's Thursday. So, in the light of it being Chuck Norris Thursday, let's begin with a badassed Chuckism:

"Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding."

Okay, kids! I promised a good entry, and I will try not to disappoint.

I was off work yesterday (took a much-needed vacation day), which soothed the angry beast known as Lashawn. I had a relaxing day at the zoo with Nicky and my mom. The weather was perfect, sunny and pleasant, not too hot or humid. All in all it was a good day, even with the crazy sunburn I got (I was wearing a racerback tank top and a Band-Aid on my upper arm...These are some pretty kickass tan lines, seriously)...I'm hoping I'll gain a bit of a golden glow, but my odds are slim. I think it'll just fade away in a few days, and I'll be left with my usual pasty tone.

Oh, but such is the life of Lashawn.

Hmm...Right now I'm hungry and a bit irritated, due to my sunburn. A guy with a greased out, curly mullet just paid his bill for Service, and I have to say I've never really understood The Mullet. Was it ever really cool, or were people just too tripped out on acid in the '70s to do their hair? I'm thinking it was the latter. I get the fact that it's business in the front, and party in the back, but seriously...Bad idea. Really. And why does Billy Ray Cyrus want his back? I'm not too clear on his reasoning.

If anyone knows why mullets have stuck around, or why some people seem to sadly think they are both cool and fashionable, please let me know!

It's still a bit busy here at the old dealership, so I'll have to cut today's entry short. I promise to fulfill my blogging duties tomorrow. I swear.

And I'm still contemplating becoming a career alcoholic. (And to answer Juan Pablo's question, it's a bit of both, though I'm leaning more towards alcoholism induced by my career...)

Enjoy your Thursday, and more tomorrow!



  1. I would love to know about the mullet thing too!!! WTH is up with that?!?!?

  2. To each his own, right? lmao


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