Sunday, August 2, 2009

Barefoot and Crazy

Here's this Sunday's playlist. Give it a whirl! (Happy Sunday, and more tomorrow.)

"Red Light", David Nail, (Red Light--Single)

"Break the Ice", Britney Spears, (Blackout)

"Clumsy", Fergie, (The Dutchess)

"Criminal", Fiona Apple, (Tidal)

"You Found Me", The Fray, (The Fray)

"Banana Pancakes", Jack Johnson, (In Between Dreams)

"Hide and Seek", Imogen Heap, (Speak for Yourself)

"Somersault", Decoder Ring, (Somersault)

"The Way I Am", Ingrid Michaelson, (Girls and Boys)

"Summer Love", Justin Timberlake, (FutureSex/LoveSounds)

"Angel", Kate Voegele, (Angel--Single)

"Laughing With", Regina Specktor, (Far)

"Hang On Little Tomato", Pink Martini, (Hang On Little Tomato)

"Black Sand", Jenny Lewis, (Acid Tongue)

"Mansard Roof", Vampire Weekend, (Vampire Weekend)

"Blue Suitcase", Erin McCarley, (Love, Save the Empty)

"Stormy Weather", Etta James, (At Last! Remastered)


  1. I am obviously soo out of touch! I recognise some of the arists' names but the songs? Not a one. Time to go onto iTunes and have a sneaky preview methinks.

  2. It's funny how many of those I actually don't recognize.

  3. For next Sunday I'd like to request "Whoop there it is" - Tag Team... I would also like to make a shout out to my ~~West Side~~ brutha mans and sista mans..(Inside Joke)


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