Friday, September 4, 2009

Banana Pancakes

I could really go for some pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon right now. Oh my Lord, I really could...A huge pile of pancakes with a big dollop of butter on top (and between each pancake layer--that is the ONLY way to put butter on your pancakes) and smothered in maple syrup. Oh, yum. Yumyumyumyum.

Can you tell I didn't pack an adequate lunch today? I grabbed a yogurt and a juice box of Juicy Juice (courtesy of Nicky) on my way out the door. I was also late, if you wondering.

Ah, story of my life.

But anyway. I know you're all dying (well, maybe not dying, but pretty excited) to know how Nicky's first day of school went. It was great. He loved it! And in other news, no, I did not cry. Sorry. (Ha, ha Nashe^!) My mom took him today and said he didn't want to leave. He's already made friends, which takes care of the irrational fear that my son would be a friendless loser. I'm glad he likes it, I mean I figured it was a good sign when I came upstairs and he was by the play kitchen in a hard hat holding a whisk. He also served me tea in a Cheer detergent bottle cap, which in real life undoubtably would have killed me, but in pretend Head Start world, people drink tea out of laundry soap caps and trounce about their kitchens in hard hats.

Whatever works for him.

On a slightly related note, all this talk about school and Nicky and learning got me to thinking about college. I hounded my mom to find my tax return from this year and I went online and filled out my FAFSA. I'm eligible for a Pell Grant (yay!), which means I can get up to $5350 for school for a year or whatever. I was psyched. I'm going to start classes at the crazy community college in Downtown Cleveland (read: deep in the heart of the Cleveland ghetto, across the street from the projects), for like either a year or however long it takes to get a GPA high enough to kiss Case Western's ass and get in. It's gonna be an adventure, my blogging buddies. An urban adventure. I promise to write all about it when I start in January.

Hmm... so the questions I got so far are interesting (and in Juan's case, insanely humorous), and I can't wait to answer them on Wednesday. Keep 'em coming! You ask it, I'll answer it. And I promise to bring Chuck Norris Thursday back--it's just been a bit hectic in the crazy life of Lashawn, but once things slow down and get sort of settled, my entries will be more regular and more in the realm of hilarium. (I don't know if that's a word, but I love it. I use it all the time.)

So...To recap. I'm hungry. I have a dollar left until pay day. I get out of work at 6. I want pancakes and eggs and bacon. Rod Stewart is on the soft rock/easy listening station that I'm listening to. I'm bored. I'm hungry. Nicky likes school. I'm going back to school. Juan Pablo was run over by a pair of Asians on a tandem bicycle. (I always wanted one of those. I don't know why. I'm too clumsy for a single rider bicycle. Eh. It makes me think of Doublemint gum.) And I want more questions to answer for Wednesday.

Sounds fab.


  1. MMMM, the pancakes sound great, wish I had some now. How great that you'll be getting to go to college! Best of luck for that. My hubs and I have a tandem - it was our only transport when we were just married and had no money.

  2. PS Forgot to say how pleased I am that your boy's enjoying school so much, it must be hige releif.

  3. I love, love, love banana nut pancakes. they might be the best thing ever!!

    Im so glad nicky liked school, that must be such a relief!!

    Good luck with school!! I will be going with you in fally 2010 when I get back from Africa. What are you going to study?


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