Thursday, July 29, 2010

(There's Gotta Be) More to Life

Ever have the feeling that somehow drama just kind of gravitates towards you?  Ever feel like life is just an eternal kick in the pants? 

I really feel like walking up to whoever is in charge of the chaos that goes on in my life and demand a refund for a good part of the last 24.5 years.  Seriously.  I want my money back.

I am an eternal optimist, and I have to say that this shit is getting old.  So I am eschewing drama with a firm hand.  I am so tired of this lifelong struggle with the things that make me throw my hands up in the air and either A.) get pissed, B.) cry, or C.) get pissed and then cry.  So I am just saying a huge "fuck it" and letting all that shit go.  Let's address the biggest issues in my life:

My mom's family sucks, and I have always known that.  I am gonna have to give them their own post, I promise.  A family that impossibly fucked up and judgemental needs their own blog post.  Honestly.

Work...I don't know how much I can post about work without getting in trouble and/or fired.  So I'll just let out a huge GRRRRRRRRR and leave it at that.

Nicky's dad is a douche and I hate him and I hope he never runs into me while I am in the possession of any sharp objects.  At least child support is taking out some money, even though I got fucked out of how much he has to pay.  I'm going to be Zen and say that at least I'm getting more money than I was getting before child support started doing their job.

Boys are a waste of time and that's all I have to say on that subject. 

Thank you so much Nashe for being concerned about me in my shitty time of craptastic bullshit.  I'm glad you care :)

I really have to get this blogging shit back on track.  It's really cathartic to just write about my everyday struggles, moments of awesomeness, and being held back by the Man. 

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  1. You're wise to let that shit go, it'll do you in in the end otherwise. Sounds like Child Support over there is about as crap as our one is over here. Hang in there and keep blogging!


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