Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful World

It is absolutely beautiful outside. The sun is shining, it's warm, and there's a slight breeze coming in off the lake. I can see this all from my tiny window in my office.

What is it with me and beautiful Spring days? I always seem to miss them. I did, however, get to enjoy a taste of the niceness this morning as I strolled to work. It was warm, smelled vaguely of flowers and gasoline, and no one was out and about yet. I felt like crap, but it was still a pretty morning.

I am still pretty sick, though I look much better than I did yesterday. I am drugged up on Tylenol Cold, but I have a nagging cough and my throat still hurts--and my awesome headache from yesterday is deciding to make a repeat performance. I am currently drinking warm Sprite from a red plastic cup that makes me wish that I was drinking Jameson and Coke instead. Red plastic cups make me think of parties, which makes me kind of sad because I am at work and in no mood to party.

I am, however, in the mood to compose crappy Spring poetry. Here we go:

The sun shines
Outside my window
The wind blows
Caressing the bare branches
On which
New buds just beginning to form
The grass looks somewhat lush and green
And the daffodils are almost ready to bloom
I sit here
Listening to Vampire Weekend
Sipping warm Sprite from a red plastic cup
Lamenting that I am sick and that today is not my day off

1 comment:

  1. I like the poem - especially the ending. Hoep the cold goes away soon.


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