Saturday, February 27, 2010

It Snowed

I am going to call today "The Trapped in a Snow Globe Chronicles, Part Three". All it has done for the past three days is



I am, in all honesty, snowed out. Winter, I quit. You totally win. Now slink away back to the Arctic and don't return until next December.

I am ready for green grass, daffodils, birds, and sunshine. Bring on the skirts and the flip-flops. I am ready to wear bright colors and hang up my puffy down-filled coat for the next ten months. I am ready for the smell of sunscreen and my clogged up nose from the inevitable Springtime pollen (well....I can live without that aspect of Spring). I want to see butterflies and tulips and lilacs, go to Cedar Point and ride rollercoasters and eat chili cheese fries. I want to go to the beach and admire our dirty lake.

I will, however, miss the way the snow lays on top of tree branches and makes everything look so pretty and sparkling. I will miss how quiet the world seems when you are the only one out in the morning and there's clean, virtually untouched snow all around you and big, fluffy flakes are floating down from the sky. I will miss the way the cold air burns my lungs after I go for a run.

Bring on the Springtime shenanigans. Come on, March. I'm pulling for you.


  1. Hello, Lashawn! Thanks for your comment on Surly Samson. I rarely get traffic to my sporadic posts from anyone who doesn't know me, so that was quite a treat.

    You are a great writer. Even though I'm halfway across the country, 15 yrs older, & in a different phase of life, I can really relate to your posts on motherhood and life in general. I'm adding you to my followed list, so I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

    Sending Texas sunshine your way!

  2. I hear that! We've had snow too which has gone, to be replaced by rain. It's 15:35 and horribly dark here :-(


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