Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who Says

So...Last week was a bad week. I got the apartment on Sunday night, and then I went into work Monday and found out that the Lakewood store was closing. They closed Friday, costing me ten hours, or roughly one hundred dollars per week. My boss gave me back two hours, but I was still down eighty bucks. I had to call and tell them I couldn't take the apartment.

My birthday is Thursday! I'm excited. I'm having a party Saturday night, which should be fun!

And since I haven't done this in a while, a lovely playlist for you:

"Sugarcane", Missy Higgins, (On a Clear Night)

"Hard", Rihanna featuring Jeezy, (Rated R)

"Already Gone", Kelly Clarkson, (All I Ever Wanted)

"Paper Gangsta", Lady Gaga, (The Fame)

"Atlantic", Keane, (Under The Iron Sea)

"Riot Gear", Regina Spektor, (Far)

"Who Says", John Mayer, (Battle Studies)

"New Slang", The Shins, (Oh, Inverted World)

"Farewell", Rosie Thomas, (When We Were Small)

"Happier", A Fine Frenzy, (Bomb In a Birdcage)

"The Chain", Ingrid Michaelson, (Everybody)


  1. Happy Birthday! Shame about the apartment. Enjoy the party though!

  2. That's a great playlist.

    Love the name of your blog :)

    amy xx


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