Saturday, May 14, 2011


So I really think Blogger is fucking with me.  I could have sworn I had a new comment (and follower) when I was on here yesterday, and now the comment and follower is gone.  What the hell, Blogger.

It's 1:52 am Friday night.  I am currently laying in bed composing this entry on my iPhone and wishing I was asleep, seeing as I have to get up in about five hours for my ten-hour workday tomorrow.  Why am I up?  The people who live upstairs in the duplex next door got a brand new puppy I think today and they have it on their front porch and it has been crying for the past hour.  It is this loud, high pitched yipping that will go on for ten to fifteen minutes straight, stop just long enough for me to start nodding off, and then start back up.

Is it wrong for me to want to throw something at said puppy?  It added howling into the repertoire, and I'm exhausted.  I want to go next door and punch the stupid wannabe gangsta chick that lives there in the face.  It's bad enough she'll roll in from the bar at like three-thirty in the morning with the bass blasting and Gucci Mane personally waking me up with his latest little ditty about money, cash, and hoes (high fives to anyone who caught the Jay-Z reference).  Ugh ugh ugh.  I wish I didn't have a job so that I could fill all my time with being a badass bitch.  Really, it must be nice.

Well, Señor Puppy must have cried himself to sleep because I haven't heard him in five minutes.  I'm going to try to go to sleep now, darlings.  Good night.


  1. On twitter they said they had to go back to the last version of blogger before the problem so anything after the 11th (basically all day on the 12th) is gone. They said they're restoring posts because anyone that posted the morning of the 12th had their posts disappear and they were going to try to restore comments too but we'll see. Super aggravating.

  2. Blessings....
    Blogger was down for maintenance repairs. you could find a copy of your comments in your email if you had the option selected. the same happened to me but i was able to retrieve comments from my email and repost them.

    Have a grand week.

  3. Blogger stole comments and two posts from me - I've yet to see them returned. One post had a dozen links in it to various places i visited in Cape town on holiday - aarrgh!!! I did the posts again but with distinctly less bravado! Bloody Blogger!

    Anyway, poor you and poor neglected puppy. I hate people who take animals as pets and give nothing to the animal. Its a big commitment to do it right and keep them happy. Although, I do appreciate your desire to sling a shoes at it ;D Why can't the animal license by bought back with sterner rules. Scum like your neighbors wouldn't get to have them then.

    Hope you got some sleep. Shah .X

  4. yes, blogger can be evil like that :P WP FTW!! xD

    Poor puppy though. You should demand the owners give it a hug and let it sleep at the foot of their bed :P Our dog had a little of puppies once and all they did was whine and cry and our neighbors hates us forever after that... and we lived in a HOUSE!


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